Top Logistics Companies In India (2021)

Logistics helps in the efficient flow of goods and their storage from producer to customer. A proper supply chain makes it even more beneficial and includes proper shipping, transportation, receiving, storage, and management of the goods.

The supply chain companies in India have a proven track record of their experience and expertise in the industry. Taking into consideration the increasing demand for logistics support, the logistics companies in India combined responsiveness and expertise to provide the required solutions. Some of the best ones in India are:

1. OM Logistics

OM Logistics is a full-service logistics & supply chain management company with cargo management, flourishing day by day, spread over 1500 locations, 85 countries, and with more than 5000 efficient employees and a huge space of 20 million square feet. The world’s best-known brands depend on OM to serve their markets. Their deep understanding of the customer’s internal & external requirements with a strategic approach provides a one-stop solution to their brand on the go. They deliver operational excellence to provide viable, cost-effective technology-enabled solutions to the most challenging logistics & supply chain management questions. They cater to every technological need of a small, medium, or large business and keep the world in motion.

2. Blue Dart Express Ltd.

One of the most favored logistics companies in India. It is South Asia’s head dispatch and incorporated express bundle appropriation organization. This global brand gives a wide range of logistics-related arrangements with full wellbeing and security. Blue Dart has its stockrooms situated in 85 distinct areas in the nation. Apart from a Premier Courier Service, it also offers an Integrated Express Packaging service.

3. FedEx Express TSCS India Pvt. Ltd.

This one of the world’s fastest and largest transportation companies are known for overnight delivery services. Operational in 220 countries, this globally recognized brand is giving solid shipment in various nations and domains. The organization is known for its unmatchable innovation and medium-term shipping services. It offers a wide range of shipments-heavyweight, lightweight, standard conveyance, expedited service, and so on.

4. Allcargo Logistics Ltd

Allcargo Logistics Ltd was established in 1995. It has gained massive success over the years. Providing a multimodal transport system i.e. transport of goods through various modes of transport such as truck, rail, ocean, and air. Being a part of the Avvaysha group, it offers top-notch quality and professionalism which makes it one of the most preferred logistics companies in India.

5. First Flight

First Flight is a settled logistics and in-house created dispatch organization. Operating from Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi, the organization has fabricated a wide, broad, and solid system in the nation. Worldwide Courier Services, Domestic Courier Services, Reverse Logistics, Need dispatch, e-commerce logistics, air freight, train payload are the services given by the first flight.

6. Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.

From a small- scale business of Agarwal Household Carrier built up in the year 1987, the organization is now one of the main suppliers of pressing and moving services. The differentiated organization incorporates transport, avionics logistic, bundling and movement (both national and worldwide), 3PL, ODC transport, storage, home storage and production network.

With mass digitization and an increase in demand for online purchased goods in India, Logistics is the most rewarding and outgrowing sector. These Logistics companies have become huge global brands and provide a major contribution to the country’s financial growth.